Shop Services

Our fabrication facility has 190,000 sq. ft. of fabrication space and has been laid out to optimize efficiency productivity for both Structural Buildings and Metal Buildings.  The shop has a 3,000 sq. ft. space to fabricate all precast embeds and anchor bolts.  Another efficient area that our fabrication shop has is an area designated specifically for our misc. fabrication of stairs and handrail/guardrail.  This area has full time experienced custom fabricators who specialize in specialty fabrication and do not slow our production lines for more efficient fabrication. Finally our fabrication shop includes a 500 sq ft. Shop Office for administrative and quality control functions. 

Southern Steel is located in Donna, Texas with strategic proximity of the Hwy 2 and Hwy 107, for easy access from various locations and in the heart of where our clients need us.  Another Major asset is our bonded fenced in 15 acres of open space, for in house stored material and staging area. 

Building Erect Services

Our Structural and Metal Building Erectors consists of (12) 5-6 men fully equipped crews.  Southern Steel Fabricators has its own equipment which consists of man lifts, portable gas and diesel welders, and 6K, 8K and 10K extended reach material lifts.  Southern Steel Fabricators also has its own variety of fully certified cranes, which help optimize the efficiency of our building erections.  These cranes consist of two 70 ton, one 50 ton, one 35 ton and two 28 ton.  We also have 4 full time truck drivers which operate Southern Steel Fabricators trucks to transport our fabricated material, and equipment and optimize our deliveries where ever our clients need us most.