Company History

Southern Steel Fabricators has been serving the steel construction industry of South Texas for the past 18 years. Southern Steel Fabricators started in March 1997 with four employees and within four years our personnel grew from four employees to our current 171 employees. Since the inception of Southern Steel Fabricators, our total gross revenues are well over 350 million up to date. We are one of the few companies in the State of Texas that are AISC certified, IAS-CC certified, MBE certified and members of the Rio Grande Valley Associated General Contractors of America.

Southern Steel’s Benefit to the local community

Another top priority for Southern Steel is giving back to local communities.  Southern Steel Fabricators has created 150 jobs for area residents and sponsors local charities. We sponsor a generous amount annually to our employee’s family sponsorships, The United Way, The American Red Cross and Cancer Awareness.  Southern Steel Fabricators has an annual scholarship which will helps sponsor higher education to under privileged students interested in the areas of Welding, Computer Aided Drafting CAD TECH, Structural Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Business Administration. 

About our Certification

Southern Steel Fabricators has earned a FULL AISC Certification.  AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) is a certification that assists in achieving our clients desired level of quality.  AISC’s Program is designed to check that companies don’t just say they have a procedure in place, but actually follow them.  Through the intensive Auditing process, the program verifies that Southern Steel’s Quality Management System is meeting the certification requirement and meeting our clients specified level of quality.  AISC also certifies our Dedication to Quality.  The AISC Certification confirms that Southern Steel Fabricators does what its Quality Control Process says it does.  This AISC Certification also helps highlight that our company has the personnel, knowledge, organization, equipment, experience, capability, procedures and commitment to produce quality work.